“We had it yesterday
And now again we’re having rice?
How can I eat that twice?” —
Billy wonders loudly
Denies to eat so proudly
And not an hour passes by
Until he gets to eat his favourite pie

Meanwhile outside, a lonely man
Doing gallantly what he can
Seeking customers on streets
Asking anyone he meets
No dice
Today just rice

Elsewhere, a family of five
Suddenly comes alive
It’s a cheerful day
Mama’s got her pay
That’s nice
Today there’s rice

Tired and worn out
Led by a sudden turnabout
Wandering nomads storm out
All the supplies
Were eaten by mice
Today no rice

An elderly, poor person
With an agonized yelp
Too ashamed of asking for help
Leaves their eyes open wide
And dies
Wished there was rice

Now who are you to moralize
Billy’s choice of trying to lead a better life
Of eating healthily and having a diverse diet?
What do you know about Billy and what he’s been through?





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