On deadlines

There are two types of deadlines
Ones that really matter
And the ones that don’t

Ones that, if are missed
Make everybody scatter
And no matter what you’d done
Your whole work will get
Flushed down the toilet

And the ones that might be
Quite convenient for some
But not for you (or me)
Unnecessary curbs on time
Where it is of no concern to none
If you complete your task on time

First ones are deadly serious
The latter ones are simply dead
Lines drawn on water
As someone once said

I urge you, therefore: don’t be dense
Quit stressing out and learn the difference.



p.s. and yes, that’s simply me
reassuring myself that it’s fine
to miss a motherfucking deadline
before I burn out and turn dead
for those are not the deadlines that yield me my bread





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