Warm and cold currents, clashing together
Resulting in bursts of thunderous weather
A large crowd of people looks up in elation
Men and women alike shout out in ovation
The time has arrived for the grand celebration

Ten lightning bolts strike deep into Earth
Ten ancient gods venerating her birth
Ten giant stars shining bright during day
Ten pious monks kneeling down to pray
Ten different tongues form a vivid bouquet

Arise! the grand forces of nature—and rant!
Hear the priests and accept their chant!
Fill our breasts with great joy and with mirth!
Ravish our minds, let us prove our worth
to our beautiful Mother, whom we, children, girth.





This poem was requested on Fiverr.
Order your own poem to support me!


It also may or may not be addressed to
celebrate the 300 likes on Facebook.

Thank you, everyone!






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