The Truth

My poems do not tell the truth
For there are many ways
To tell a story

Though they provide a solid viewpoint
A description
Which is not void of personality

The purpose of them is to give
A different insight;
Something to reflect upon
And to question that which has
Unrighteously established itself as
The Truth

I point out the mismatch
The ways contrasting with the ones
Thought to be pure
Taboos pale in front of me
As I embrace the unacceptable
And see positive in the opposite

But where the truth lies
That is not for me to decide
For I am just a poet
Behind my own words
I hide

Cowardly, but wisely
I shift the responsibility to you
Not to find meanings as intended
But to infuse your knowledge and create your own
And shape the truth as you see fit.




My deepest, darkest talent

Call out your girls, call out your boys
‘Cause now for 5 dollars and no cents
I will provide a poem with no sense
On any crappy theme you choose —
It’s an offer you cannot refuse

With blatant cynicism, disgust
A pinch of sarcasm is a must
My words will elevate your mind
Peace and tranquility you’ll find
Disrupted, smashed to pieces
Humiliated, ripped to shreds
Destroyed and torn apart. Reduced
To nothing but your sweet friend Jeesus
Who will be of no help this moment.

Here lies my deepest, darkest talent.
Let me show
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