The tide has turned

tide has turned;
freshly uncovered thoughts
run around like little tigers
seemingly wild, untameable and savage. Yet
their furry coats demand attention and
paternal care dissolved in mother’s milk
to grow into a ferocious beast and
sting their fangs into an unsuspecting
passer-by, who’ll then, in pure astonishment
proceed to change their outlook on
matters most mundane, excluding not
cat videos on YouTube.


My bed

My bed is out of control
Whenever I feel sleepy
It tucks me in and forces me to rest

And so I thought to stop this beast
I need somebody to patrol
Since this is really creepy
My evil lodge causes me great unrest

This is the least
That should be done
Not to fall prey
To its unruly and demonic plans

But tell me, would you like
To be the one
So good and fey
And chase away the hauntings with your lance?

And through the night, keep me awake